Frequently Asked Questions:


Q – Is yoga a religion?

There is often a misunderstanding that yoga is  a religion, it is not. Yoga is a spiritual discipline, much like prayer, fasting and meditation.  Yoga has the capacity to enhance our personal beliefs and faith. With our focus on Christ, Holy Yoga will deepen your Christian faith.


Q – What if I am brand new to yoga?

You do not need any experience to fall in love with yoga. In fact Holy Yoga is less about the yoga and more about Jesus, so all you need is a healthy love of the Lord to know you are in the right place!

Q – What do I need for class?

You will need a willingness to worship God with your entire being; body, mind and spirit. Wear loose comfortable clothing.  Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat if you have one.  Yoga is practiced barefoot (no worries, pedicures not required!).


Q – What level classes do you offer?

Holy Yoga Pella offers a variety of classes for all levels (see Classes page).  Gentle classes feature a soft and slow exploration of postures and breath, which is great for beginners or just as an opportunity to let God's grace in. Level 1 classes focus on fundamental postures and breath work that introduce the principles of foundation, alignment, and focus. Flow and power classes are ideal for those looking for a more advanced yoga experience.    


Q – What does Holy Yoga cost?

We have always had the joy to be a donation based ministry so that we could make health and wholeness accessible to everyone. Right now the suggested donation is $8 per class and all of the donations go directly to the instructor for the purpose of growing the Holy Yoga ministry in our community. We give you this dollar amount so that you have an idea of what to give.  From time to time, Holy Yoga Classes are offered at local yoga studios where class fees are set by the studio.  Contact the specific studio for class registration and fee information.  


Q – What type of training do Holy Yoga instructors have?

All of our instructors are certified, registered and fully insured, but more importantly they love Jesus, and love you.   To become a Holy Yoga Instructor, participants must complete Holy Yoga’s internationally recognized training program, ensuring a world class yoga experience centered on Christ.