Breath. Worship. Movement.


Restorative Holy Yoga

Your Instructor is Jayne Stark:  Gentle and restorative yoga practice with a focus on stress relief and relaxation. Instruction in basic yoga poses and breathwork.  Great for beginners or just as an opportunity to let God's grace in. All levels welcome.  Tuesdays at 4 pm at Selah Studio.  For details check out  

Holy Yoga Flow Class

Your Instructor is Valerie Bandstra:  Revitalizing and fun class set to up beat worship and praise music. A lot of movement combined with challenging postures designed to inspire strength and de-toxification. Come ready to sweat! All levels welcome. Some yoga experience recommended.  Wednesdays at 6:30 pm at Selah Studio.  For details check out

Other Holy Yoga Classes Offered Periodically:


Holy Yoga Basic

Fundamental postures and breath work that introduce the principles of foundation, alignment, and focus. Appropriate for all levels.


Trauma-Sensitive Holy Yoga Class

A Trauma-Sensitive Holy Yoga class provides the opportunity for students to explore how their bodies may carry their emotions and experiences. Students are given space to learn coping skills that help manage anxiety, depression and stress. They are taught mindfulness and meditation to facilitate intimacy with the Lord as they move through postures that restore a sense of safety in their bodies. This is a practice that can vary in difficulty, but offers plentiful modifications as each student is empowered to listen to and honor their body's specific needs.


Holy Yoga Power Class

Immerse yourself to explore your edge, discover and awaken your spirit. Be prepared to move, sweat, stretch deeply and breathe into a powerful physical challenge. At the same time, this practice will open you up to feeling gratitude, peace and joy.